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About Us

The snake catcher, Wayne, will come and pick up any unwanted snake that decides to visit your place  (if you live in Broken Hill).

Frequently he is required to rescue snakes and reptiles  that have found their way into peoples yards, homes and swimming pools.
As the weather warms up there is some important things to remember.
If you see a snake you should Stand still. Snakes do not see well, they rely on vibrations, if you do not move; the chances are they will not know that you are there.
Do not run. Slowly move a safe distance away.
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INTERFERE WITH IT as many snake bites happen because people attempt to pick up or kill snakes. You can observe the reptile from a safe distance.
If it is causing you concern call the local snake catcher.
Please remember, a tidy yard will discourage unwanted reptilians!